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AE Porcupine

Archer's Edge Porcupine: a one piece target attached to a stump.

Archer's Edge & Heavy Waite Targets

Archer's Edge & Heavy Waite Targets began as a hobby and soon evolved into a successful business. We are very proud of the many new product offerings we have developed over the last few years and the respect our products have achieved.

Life like archery targets

We offer 35+ different life like archery targets that are very competitive in both quality and price. We use quality foam and special air brushing techniques which give our archery targets a life like appearance and durability that is the envy of the industry. Our realistic targets use color foam which insures that as the target is used it will stay consistent in both realism and color.

Since we are the only 3D target manufacturer in Canada we offer a unique product which is superior to the many other targets that are on the market today.

We found that when we made targets with regular foam, which we did in the beginning, the targets would shoot out faster and therefore did not satisfy our clients need for a durable product. After we switched to our specialized high quality foam, using our custom formula, we found that our targets lasted much longer, easier to retrieve the arrow and the target was self healing which maintained its realistic appearance.

Target Repair Service

We also offer custom target repair service on our targets as well as competitors targets. When targets age, they can become shot out or just too hard to shoot.

Supporting the sport of archery

The sport of archery has been growing every year and will continue to grow. We at Archers Edge will also continue to grow with the sport of archery and as it evolves we too will adapt to its needs as well.

All of our targets have IBO competition target zones which means that they can be used in competitions at the provincial and national levels.

As we continue to add to our product line, we welcome feed back from our clients and interested parties. We continue to strive to improve our targets and with your help we can continue to supply a quality archery target at a reasonable price.

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